Friday, August 26, 2005


"Shawls ... made for centuries universal and embracing, symbolic of an inclusive, unconditionally loving, God. They wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace, mother, hug, shelter and beautify. Those who have received these shawls have been uplifted and affirmed, as if given wings to fly above their troubles…”

Written in 1998 by: Janet Bristow © 2005
I didn't know that there is a meaning for shawl. I love shawl because of the colors. And it can sometimes make me warm when its a cool weather. I thought it was just a purely fashion base knowlege.

There are some uses for the shawl...

  • Undergoing medical procedures;
  • as a comfort after a loss, during bereavement, prayer or meditation,
  • commitment or marriage ceremonies, birthing, nursing a baby;
  • as a bridal shower gift;
  • leading ritual;
  • first menses or croning rites of passage, during an illness and recovery;
  • ministering to others or just socializing...

Some more, there are symbolic meaning of different colors of shawl. Check it out

My lovely sister brought 3 shawls for me from Singapore.

  • pink (toning from pink to light pink)
  • Blue (tonning from blue to light blue)
  • black

3 of them are normal shawl. My sister brought it in a warehouse sales. 3 for s$10. Converted to RM is about RM23. Per shawl is almost rm8. Shopping malls in KL are selling RM20++ for 1 shawl... See how much they earn.

Rainy day

Rain rain go away.....

Rainy day in home ~ I love it, because I can sleep on my bed with my warm comforter

Rainy day at office ~ Shivering, because the office temparature is as cool as a fridge.

Rainy day at the road ~ Wet, as even with a good big Umbrella, I will still get any how wet here or there.

Rainy day at the car ~ Blury, hard to see road clearly, need to pay 100% attention to the road, plus its slippery.

Rainy day at the motorcycle ~ Hate it! Wet from body to toe. Only hair no wet only.

Rainy day on the bus ~ Cool, wet, shivering...

Rainy day for umbrella shops ~ Good sales, shopers tend to markup the price to very high, but still people buy.
For Giordano, this shop have special price for umbrella at rainy days.
Sunny day - RM29
Rainy days - RM16
Its cheaper in rainy days.??!! Weird right.
People tend to sell umbrella in a higher price during rainy days, this shop sell lower price in rainy days. Why?? To make consumer convience. Because alot people need this at rainy days.

Rainy day for kids ~ Down, sad. Cannot play in the park.

Rainy day for road side hawker ~ Sad, everything is wet. Less customers.

Do you like rainy days?? What is your felling in rainy days??

LRT Monthly Pass

As those who are talking PUTRA LRT to work, they should know that from this month (August 2005), PUTRA LRT + STAR LRT monthly pass cost RM90. Wao... everything seems to increase price. When will our salary increase price?? Last time, PUTRA LRT was rm70 and there is a price for just STAR LRT pass and a pass for PUTRA LRT + STAR LRT (If not mistaken RM125)

For me... Its not that worth it. Last time I just need to pay RM70 for a month, now I have to pay extra RM20 more. Because RM 2 per travel from Wangsa Maju to KLCC.

RM2 x 2 x 22 = RM88 (cheaper then the LRT monthly pass rate)
(per trip) x (2 trip per day) x (working days)

But if I buy normal passing every day, sometimes when I need to go somewhere else, like Taman Jaya, Taman BAhagia, Pudu.., thats where I need to pay more. No choice. Need to still buy the monthly pass.

Until today, I finally can utilize the monthly pass.

Today I went to pudu during my lunch time, seens now the monthly pass its applicable for STAR LRT, might wise I use it. Lesser walking distance. That was what I thought on my mind. When I came to KLCC, the sky become dark, strong wind its blowing ... rain will come soon. I stick to my plan. From KLCC to Masjid Jamid (Putra LRT) and Masjid JAmid to Plaza Rakyat (Star LRT). Its was raining heavly that time when I reach masjid jamid. Thank god I have the monthly pass, else I need to pay another amount of money to take the STAR LRT.

God is fair, when something bad happen to you, there will
have a equal value good thing to happen to you as a return.

But I still got some rain too, cause the whole journey, there are some part its without shelter, but consider really really luckly already. Before this, I usually travel from KLCC to Pasar Seni (PUTRA LRT), just 1 more station from Masjid Jamid. And need to walk about 15 minute without shelter to reach the bus station. Now if I take STAR LRT, I will walk for less 5 minuts with shelter.

I'm abit clumsy as I take the wrong direction train when travel from Plaza Rakyat to MAsjid JAmid (STAR LRT). Allassssss...... Need to sit another train back to Masjid JAmid station.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


在二十五歲時問丈夫,丈夫沮喪的回答她: 我錯過一個新的工作機會。
三十五歲時,丈夫生氣的告訴她: 我剛錯過了一班公車。
四十五歲時,丈夫傷心的說: 我錯過與親人見最後一面。
一如往常的, 太太總是回以微笑, 而微笑中總帶著落寞。

忽略了身旁關心自己的親友、輕忽 了自己的身體。

Monday, August 22, 2005

TS know how to speak baby language

TS like kids, I know very long time ago.

He like to play with his niece and nephews. But usually make them cry.

We when Joyce house, got a cute baby at home. Abit hyperactive. Just know how to drag his body, and jump jump when people is carrying him. Don't know how to sit nor crawl properly.He is a cheering kid, when you talk his language, he will be super excited. TS talk whole day baby language with him, make him so excited. Plus both of them super noisy. Don't understand what their converstation is all about. But the baby langh alot that day.

Tambun seafood

Again... lost in the forest.

TS friend tell us to use non- toll road, old road to Bukit Tambun, with out passing by the road toll. Ended up, going to some creppy place. alot of forest, and plantation.

No choice, we have to use the high way. Finally reach Tambun.

Tambun its quite famous place in Penang. What is so special about it?
People will think, in Penang Island, seafood is everywhere, why do we need to purposely go to Tambun and eat wo? (Tambun is in the main land, after Juru Toll).
1st reason: Because it is much much more cheaper compare to Penang Island
2nd reason: Food taste good and have alot of variaties

WE both eat (2 person meal):
  • Mud carb with eggs (fried with spicy and sour sauce)
  • Steam Fish (pari-pari) with Teowchew style
  • Octopus (Sotong) Curry
  • Boiled thik teng (nails) snails (a type of snails with lots of spikes)
  • 2 plate of rice
  • 1 crysantinum tea
  • 1 soft drink
How much it cost??

Ts is beting, should be around RM80++

Guess what, grand total is less then RM50. Its only RM47.

It's so cheap ~~~ TS shouted.

Related blog, Some details can be found on The Sun.

Teluk Kumbar Mee Udang

Mee Udang is a malay saying of Prawn Mee

WE visited ah Joyce in her house. Tend to always get lost when finding the way to her house. ALmost remote area. Conutry side with fresh air.

She invited us to eat Mee Udang, which she say very famous in her area.

The Mee Udang is some sort like Jawa Mee (the soup is tomato + chili favour). !st look. Where is the prawn?? USe our fork and find, it's actually hide below the mee. 4 big big prawn. Very fresh, very juicy. The soup have the taste of the prawn. Taste delicious.

How much per bowl?? RM9. Still reasonable.

Joyce say that the 1st mee udang stall that is famous is near by the sea side. Cost rm15 per bowl. Similiar number of prawns. Now seems like not that famous alreadi.

Human's greedy

Today I went to Ambank for lunch with a friend.

After we finish our meals, got a indian guy - "X" come and approch us some mickey cookies. The box is cute with mickey mouse character beside the tin. And the cookies are mickey mouse head shape. One round circle with 2 big round ears.

I just attertain them as I get a piece of flyers from "X". The flyers contain his handphone number and a code (I guess the code is to indicate who recommend the product to u).

After the "X" left our table, a indian girl call "Y", approch us, with the same product. I was thinking, since she saw the flyer here, she should know that some one approch us before. She then introduce us some chololate cakes, layer cakes .... . And the more funny part is, she say she have some cookies flyers, and she will give us more, ask us to help her distrubute to our collegue. She collect back the flyer which "X" give to us. Give us a 2 new flyer which contain her code.

My firned ask her back, saying why u collect my flyer back. Isn't it the same?

Then "Y" start saying alot of stupid excuse, which is very blur and not clear (As she is telling lies)

How can this be like this. "X" come and distribute the flyer, the "Y" come and take back. All hard work "X" done, will be collected by "Y". So curel. And its not a technique in doing sales. Stupid fellow. Later "Y", tried "X" style, which means writting her handphone number to her flyers. She think that people don't know what she is doing, but instate, everyone knows what is on her mind.
Mindset at the wrong way, will make you more and more bad.

Miss Penang alot

When ever I decided to come back to Penang, I feel very lazy. Why? Because I need to sit 4 hours bus trip back to Penang.

When ever I'm going to reach Penang, the REX advertisment, I will be excited, saying that.. oh.. i'm going back , i'm going back. When the bus step on the bridge, I will be more and more excited. "Yeah.... finally reach Penang liao". My mood will be very very happy.

Last time when I reach Penang, I will stay at home, meet out with friend, chat with my dad n mum n grandmum, chat with my sisters, brothers... watch Astro at midnite, eat and sleep

Now, when I reach Penang, I will start finding friends, show products, STP, finding people.. lesser time with family. (which i feel sad about it). But I know all this will be temporary, later I will have more and more time together with them.

When ever I'm going back to kl, I will don't want to leave Penang, my mood will be very very down, very upset. Depress until cry sometimes.

After I passby the bridge, my mood will be recover soon. Seting a date when to come back Penang again.

Do u all miss home like what I miss my home??

Friday, August 19, 2005

Message board ?? counter visitor??

I came across in some blogs that have chat message board and counter visitor. Its actually nice to have them insite your page as you can track down how many ppl had visited your blog.

I found out this site, it an innovative and easy to install message board for your website. And another one is display your online visitors and past trafficby country. Cool.

Looks impressive. No need to crack your head to write the program~~

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I first read this word Moodcups in a blog by MistressM. I was wondering, what on earth is mooncups? As I was reading another blog earlier talking regrading DIY pudding mooncakes, I thought it was the moon cups mole to make the pattern of the mooncakes. But when I read over the blog, it seems like a bit different. Talking about period, cup size, women before 30.... The more I read, I feel that its not mooncakes. When I click onto who am i section, I just know I was totally totally wrong!!!~~~

The Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup around two inches long and made from soft silicone rubber. It is worn internally like a tampon but collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing. Unlike tampons the Mooncup is not a disposable product, so you only need to buy one.
Oh my god!! People are creating more and more staff nowadays. But I still use the normal ways, using santitory pads!! What about tampons?? Paise to say that I don't know how to use. Plus I scared it will Leak!! This reminds me a friend give 1 tampon to me to try during my high school. But I can't find the way to put it. So amberresing!! Now people invented this mooncups!! Oh... oh... oh... I'm very very outdated!!

Read more in here:

Children who eat fries raise breast cancer risk

My friend sent this article to me. Cause he always see me eating Mc Donalds french fries when I got for PWTC recognition. French fries taste good when u eat with chili sause n black pepper apply to it.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Very young children who eat French fries frequently have a much higher risk of breast cancer as adults, U.S. researchers reported on

A study of American nurses found that one additional serving of fries per week at ages three to five increased breast cancer risk by 27 percent. (I wasn't eating when I was the age of 3 -5 :p)

"Other foods perceived as less healthy such as hot dogs or ice cream however, were not associated with breast cancer risk."

Source: The STar
Another source from ninetnine

Pudding Mooncake

I found this DIY Honeydew Pure Pudding Mooncake on by sixthseal Looks yummy!!
There are alot of food blogs, which include Food reviews, food ... I love yummy food.

Your Deadly Sins

Your Deadly Sins

Sloth: 60%
Greed: 20%
Pride: 20%
Envy: 0%
Gluttony: 0%
Lust: 0%
Wrath: 0%
Chance You'll Go to Hell: 14%
You will die while sleeping - and no one will notice.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


第一年————纸   婚
第二年————棉   婚
第三年————皮 革 婚
第四年————水 果 婚
第五年————木   婚
第六年————铁   婚
第七年————铜   婚
第八年————陶   婚
第九年————柳   婚
第十年————铝   婚
第十一年———钢   婚
第十二年———丝   婚
第十三年———丝 带 婚
第十四年———象 牙 婚
第十五年———水 晶 婚
第二十年———瓷   婚
第二十五年——银   婚
第三十年———珍 珠 婚
第三十五年——珊 瑚 婚
第四十年———红宝 石婚
第四十五年——蓝宝 石婚
第五十年———金   婚
第五十五年——绿宝 石婚
第六十年———钻 石 婚

Lonely weekend

Last weekend, I was lonely at home. My bf when back to his hometown. Me need to stay here because I have something to do at Saturday nite.

The room was empty. No anoying sound beside my ear. Only I'm the one who is lying down the bed, reading comics and books. Feeling lonely. HE is my laughter. Altought he makes me mad sometimes, but I still like him be with me all the time.

2 days with out him seems very long. I keep going out, meet peoples, friends. To make sure I don't miss him too much. I make my self very very tired before I go to bed. So 2 days I selpt at almost 2am. With the lights on.

I can't really tell him I miss him. Cause he is going back to his hometown becoz of our future. I can't distroy his mood. So I didn't tell him how much I miss him.

He come back at Sunday midnite. I was suddenly awake when he come and hugged me. Seems like waiting him to be back.On my blur blur mind, I told him that its great he is back, and keep repeating the words that he is back. Hugged him and kiss him...So HAPPY, I guess.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ex-housemate gathering

Last saturday nite, my lovely ex-housemate, ah joyce came to KL. She ar... one person alone sit bus come down to meet her sister and just to when shopping and sit her sister husband car back to Penang. Very much engery to travel.

Then out ex-housemate have a small gathering, me, joyce, YC and fei.

Fei.. still as crazy as last time, still as pretty as usuall.

Joyce .. still as thin as last time, can't get fat. Next monday will be her 1st day to Intel working as web programmer. Oh my god, all my friends/ ex collage mate/ ex high school mates are in INTEL. My parents once also push me to apply working in INTEL.

YC ~ this girl are... I don't really know how to say her. She have massive changes after collage. She use to a close minded person, cannot accept lover to have kissing, hugging or even sex. But now, she is more more... too much open minded then I accept. Dating guys are different within several weeks. Kissing and hugging even thought their are consider "friends". Today you call her, she tell u, she is with this guy. 2 weeks later, she say she is dating another guy. I'm worry about her, but I don't know how to advise her. She seems not advisable, as a friend, we can only sit there, listen to her point of view.

She wanted a prefect match ~ meaning that she want to select the prefect guy as her bf/ husband. This are her requirements, pretty weird:
1. that guy must have own car, own house. - a must requirement
2. must be 8-10 years older then her, those in her dating list is 32, 38..... (she is only 24 years old)
3. good looking, caring, loving....
Yes, it's the best if u can find a man that have properties. To her, “properties = security”. But from my point of view, as long as the man got the goals, dream, 上进心, it's the matter of when he will suceed. Her thinking will make the man think that, it's because the money, you come over and date me. If one day, the man have economy crisis, suddenly no house, no car!IS she able to stay besind with the man? Or to dump him to find another better qualification man??

I also wish that I can find a RICH guy, which I no need to work, and stay at home and relax. But no free lunch for anyone, if u want to have a good life, you need to pay the price. You are choosing people, people are also choosing you. Good guys are been booked early by someone else. No guys are 100% perfect, neither are girls are 100% prefect. We want some one that is prefect but forgetting we aren't that prefect in life. She is finding the 100% perfect person to come into her life. Impossible. A man sure have it's weekness. ITs the matter you accept his weekness or not.

I personaly prefer me n my partner both work together to suceed in our life. He have no property, no car, no house, nothing!! But he have a big vision that we will have good life in the future. Not just dreaming only, we are working very hard to acheive our ideal lifestyle. Next time, when we both succeed in life, we will be greatful to each other.

I don't know when she will be able to find a perfect mate for her. The most scary part is, the more you choose, you might miss those good ones and finally ended up choosing the wrong one. All I can do it's wish her luck in finding her mate.

Cute birthday and aniversary tracker

This cute Trackers counts down to our Wedding Day or Anniversay and updates daily. I have create 1 anniversay tracker with TS in my blogspot heading. So I won't miss the anniversary date with him. Cool.

Here's TS Birthday chart:
Lilypie Baby Ticker

There have 2 type: one is for Wedding Day or Anniversay, another is for Baby & Kids Birthday.

Here is Mine Birthday chart:
Lilypie Baby Ticker

Create a date tracker yourselves here:

Friday, August 12, 2005

@ clearer vision today morning

Everyday when I wake up, I will sure look through my window for the air quality. Today morning suprisingly the air quality is better compare to yesterday. Allas.... Need to go to work....

Althought the vision is clearer, but I still need to wear a mask, the air still have the smell. I can see alot people wearing mask, but also alot people refuse to wear, because its ugly? its funny? But for me, as long as it protects me from the bad air, I will wear it. But when I wear the mask, I look like dragon fly........ bezzzzzz........... bezzzzzzzzzz...........

I brought 1 mask at the LRT station, wah.... alot people doing part time as selling mask, 1 for rm1, they sure earn alot...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Who Were You In a Past Life?

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Ditzy Herbalist.

Where You Lived: Poland.

How You Died: The Plague.

Air Pollution in KL.... very serious

I have read some article online just now, seems that the Indonesia foerest burning including 900 spots, wao... thats alot, and the haze has become more and more serious, causing schools in selangor and klang to be closed down. Thats SERIOUS... but hoping KL to be serious, so I do not need to work, hahaha... impossible!! But actually indoors office are not affected much by the haze, once you step out of the office... terrible smell.... 1-2 hours walking outsite will cause breathing difficulties....

Hoo sent sms reminding us to drink more more water, eat more vit C and garlic. I have eat garlic pils everyday to clear off those toxic air in my respirasi system, never been so hardworking in eating those pills.

"The situation is not getting better. It is getting worse." base on a newspaper article. god

Ahrrghh..... From my condo view to the LRT Station, hardly can see the station.... First few days was ok, LRT station still visible, now... seems like the LRT train floating in the sky... GREAT view!!!

Its like the view in Genting highlands, but with smelly smell. Nice view if its really that misty, but the air must be cool like Genting Highlands mar...

Some more in MRJ, BRJ... all the mamak still alot people, more people if got football, people seems not that concern of the haze... still sitting there in open air to breath those air....I'm one of the person, my friends still sit there so long, I finish my food, then go home alreadi.

According the the AIR POLLUTANT INDEX (API), Kuala Lumpur, W.PERSEKUTUAN - 321 seems to be in the very unhealty situation ~ Hazardous, back in Penang - 45 seems very ok. REallly if live in KL, will become shorter life. Always this and that.. The world is so pity, always have enviromental probleem.

Pollution index as at 11/8/2005

Poor CAR

Check it out, poor car...

This site I visit b4, my ex-housemate sister like to download its flash movie for collection. Some are interesting meaning, some are love stories.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Kenson's Pupps.... cutie....

My collegue, Kenson, his dog just deliver Puppies.... super cute....yo yo... wanted to carry them home...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Oh my god.... Penang cendul online?!?

Suprisingly today I found penang famous cendul online!!! What a great shock...

This makes me remember those days when I use to go they purposely to eat the cendul. so yummy....

What makes it different is the coconut and the cendul is very different for other stall, don't really know what's the different. But in front the stall, u will see on your right hand side will be full of people and the left hand side, even the same stall, but hardly can see people. People can willingly to queue and stand there to eat!!!

Just found that there have branches in KL too..... yeah... can go there to eat, see the taste same as Penang head stall??

K. Lumpur Branches
1. Giant Food Court U.S.J. Subang Jaya
2. Giant Food Court Permata Merawati

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Knocking my head ~~ ouchh.....

Already 2 days, always accidentally knock on my forehead, I'm not sure is it because that I'm not awake or I want to sleep already.

1. Knock on my forehead when I was picking up something below my room window. Wasn't suppose to knock at it, might be I lean to near to the wall below the window, but I guess its time for bed time....

2. I knock my forehead again today on my office table, I was picking up something on the floor, but still haven't have "tall building ~ bruise" visible in my forehead. But when I touch myself, ouchhh.... Its hurt.

Why are.... I always knock my head??

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bu Er Tea 中国普洱茶




  • 对脂肪的代谢有意想不到的效果,对降低人体所含三酸甘油脂、胆固醇、血尿酿等有不同的疗效

  • 引起人的血管舒张、脑部血流量减少等生理效应

  • 防治老年人疾病和高血压与动脉硬化诸症

  • 生津止渴、醒脾解酒、开胃消滞、抑菌减肥,珍之为养生妙晶,不可一日无的保健饮料

  • 绿茶 性寒:红茶性热;而普洱茶不寒不热,又经济实惠,普遍嗜饮,称之为“宝利茶”




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