Friday, August 26, 2005

LRT Monthly Pass

As those who are talking PUTRA LRT to work, they should know that from this month (August 2005), PUTRA LRT + STAR LRT monthly pass cost RM90. Wao... everything seems to increase price. When will our salary increase price?? Last time, PUTRA LRT was rm70 and there is a price for just STAR LRT pass and a pass for PUTRA LRT + STAR LRT (If not mistaken RM125)

For me... Its not that worth it. Last time I just need to pay RM70 for a month, now I have to pay extra RM20 more. Because RM 2 per travel from Wangsa Maju to KLCC.

RM2 x 2 x 22 = RM88 (cheaper then the LRT monthly pass rate)
(per trip) x (2 trip per day) x (working days)

But if I buy normal passing every day, sometimes when I need to go somewhere else, like Taman Jaya, Taman BAhagia, Pudu.., thats where I need to pay more. No choice. Need to still buy the monthly pass.

Until today, I finally can utilize the monthly pass.

Today I went to pudu during my lunch time, seens now the monthly pass its applicable for STAR LRT, might wise I use it. Lesser walking distance. That was what I thought on my mind. When I came to KLCC, the sky become dark, strong wind its blowing ... rain will come soon. I stick to my plan. From KLCC to Masjid Jamid (Putra LRT) and Masjid JAmid to Plaza Rakyat (Star LRT). Its was raining heavly that time when I reach masjid jamid. Thank god I have the monthly pass, else I need to pay another amount of money to take the STAR LRT.

God is fair, when something bad happen to you, there will
have a equal value good thing to happen to you as a return.

But I still got some rain too, cause the whole journey, there are some part its without shelter, but consider really really luckly already. Before this, I usually travel from KLCC to Pasar Seni (PUTRA LRT), just 1 more station from Masjid Jamid. And need to walk about 15 minute without shelter to reach the bus station. Now if I take STAR LRT, I will walk for less 5 minuts with shelter.

I'm abit clumsy as I take the wrong direction train when travel from Plaza Rakyat to MAsjid JAmid (STAR LRT). Allassssss...... Need to sit another train back to Masjid JAmid station.


izchan said...

I think 90 is still reasonaly ok.

Not that it is going to cost you a leg and an arm.

hopefully you can fully utlize it as time goes by.

Anonymous said...

hi there, do you still keep your Feb 2006 Putra LRT monthly pass? i am the collector of the pass, but me lose on my february card.:( if yes, can sell for me ? if you have it please kindly contact me at msn : or 012 2960148 kokwai. many thanks !


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