Monday, August 22, 2005

Tambun seafood

Again... lost in the forest.

TS friend tell us to use non- toll road, old road to Bukit Tambun, with out passing by the road toll. Ended up, going to some creppy place. alot of forest, and plantation.

No choice, we have to use the high way. Finally reach Tambun.

Tambun its quite famous place in Penang. What is so special about it?
People will think, in Penang Island, seafood is everywhere, why do we need to purposely go to Tambun and eat wo? (Tambun is in the main land, after Juru Toll).
1st reason: Because it is much much more cheaper compare to Penang Island
2nd reason: Food taste good and have alot of variaties

WE both eat (2 person meal):
  • Mud carb with eggs (fried with spicy and sour sauce)
  • Steam Fish (pari-pari) with Teowchew style
  • Octopus (Sotong) Curry
  • Boiled thik teng (nails) snails (a type of snails with lots of spikes)
  • 2 plate of rice
  • 1 crysantinum tea
  • 1 soft drink
How much it cost??

Ts is beting, should be around RM80++

Guess what, grand total is less then RM50. Its only RM47.

It's so cheap ~~~ TS shouted.

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