Monday, August 22, 2005

Human's greedy

Today I went to Ambank for lunch with a friend.

After we finish our meals, got a indian guy - "X" come and approch us some mickey cookies. The box is cute with mickey mouse character beside the tin. And the cookies are mickey mouse head shape. One round circle with 2 big round ears.

I just attertain them as I get a piece of flyers from "X". The flyers contain his handphone number and a code (I guess the code is to indicate who recommend the product to u).

After the "X" left our table, a indian girl call "Y", approch us, with the same product. I was thinking, since she saw the flyer here, she should know that some one approch us before. She then introduce us some chololate cakes, layer cakes .... . And the more funny part is, she say she have some cookies flyers, and she will give us more, ask us to help her distrubute to our collegue. She collect back the flyer which "X" give to us. Give us a 2 new flyer which contain her code.

My firned ask her back, saying why u collect my flyer back. Isn't it the same?

Then "Y" start saying alot of stupid excuse, which is very blur and not clear (As she is telling lies)

How can this be like this. "X" come and distribute the flyer, the "Y" come and take back. All hard work "X" done, will be collected by "Y". So curel. And its not a technique in doing sales. Stupid fellow. Later "Y", tried "X" style, which means writting her handphone number to her flyers. She think that people don't know what she is doing, but instate, everyone knows what is on her mind.
Mindset at the wrong way, will make you more and more bad.

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