Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lonely weekend

Last weekend, I was lonely at home. My bf when back to his hometown. Me need to stay here because I have something to do at Saturday nite.

The room was empty. No anoying sound beside my ear. Only I'm the one who is lying down the bed, reading comics and books. Feeling lonely. HE is my laughter. Altought he makes me mad sometimes, but I still like him be with me all the time.

2 days with out him seems very long. I keep going out, meet peoples, friends. To make sure I don't miss him too much. I make my self very very tired before I go to bed. So 2 days I selpt at almost 2am. With the lights on.

I can't really tell him I miss him. Cause he is going back to his hometown becoz of our future. I can't distroy his mood. So I didn't tell him how much I miss him.

He come back at Sunday midnite. I was suddenly awake when he come and hugged me. Seems like waiting him to be back.On my blur blur mind, I told him that its great he is back, and keep repeating the words that he is back. Hugged him and kiss him...So HAPPY, I guess.

1 comment:

izchan said...

Its always nice to hug someone.
Especially when you love them more than you do your own life.



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