Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ex-housemate gathering

Last saturday nite, my lovely ex-housemate, ah joyce came to KL. She ar... one person alone sit bus come down to meet her sister and just to when shopping and sit her sister husband car back to Penang. Very much engery to travel.

Then out ex-housemate have a small gathering, me, joyce, YC and fei.

Fei.. still as crazy as last time, still as pretty as usuall.

Joyce .. still as thin as last time, can't get fat. Next monday will be her 1st day to Intel working as web programmer. Oh my god, all my friends/ ex collage mate/ ex high school mates are in INTEL. My parents once also push me to apply working in INTEL.

YC ~ this girl are... I don't really know how to say her. She have massive changes after collage. She use to a close minded person, cannot accept lover to have kissing, hugging or even sex. But now, she is more more... too much open minded then I accept. Dating guys are different within several weeks. Kissing and hugging even thought their are consider "friends". Today you call her, she tell u, she is with this guy. 2 weeks later, she say she is dating another guy. I'm worry about her, but I don't know how to advise her. She seems not advisable, as a friend, we can only sit there, listen to her point of view.

She wanted a prefect match ~ meaning that she want to select the prefect guy as her bf/ husband. This are her requirements, pretty weird:
1. that guy must have own car, own house. - a must requirement
2. must be 8-10 years older then her, those in her dating list is 32, 38..... (she is only 24 years old)
3. good looking, caring, loving....
Yes, it's the best if u can find a man that have properties. To her, “properties = security”. But from my point of view, as long as the man got the goals, dream, 上进心, it's the matter of when he will suceed. Her thinking will make the man think that, it's because the money, you come over and date me. If one day, the man have economy crisis, suddenly no house, no car!IS she able to stay besind with the man? Or to dump him to find another better qualification man??

I also wish that I can find a RICH guy, which I no need to work, and stay at home and relax. But no free lunch for anyone, if u want to have a good life, you need to pay the price. You are choosing people, people are also choosing you. Good guys are been booked early by someone else. No guys are 100% perfect, neither are girls are 100% prefect. We want some one that is prefect but forgetting we aren't that prefect in life. She is finding the 100% perfect person to come into her life. Impossible. A man sure have it's weekness. ITs the matter you accept his weekness or not.

I personaly prefer me n my partner both work together to suceed in our life. He have no property, no car, no house, nothing!! But he have a big vision that we will have good life in the future. Not just dreaming only, we are working very hard to acheive our ideal lifestyle. Next time, when we both succeed in life, we will be greatful to each other.

I don't know when she will be able to find a perfect mate for her. The most scary part is, the more you choose, you might miss those good ones and finally ended up choosing the wrong one. All I can do it's wish her luck in finding her mate.

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