Monday, August 22, 2005

Teluk Kumbar Mee Udang

Mee Udang is a malay saying of Prawn Mee

WE visited ah Joyce in her house. Tend to always get lost when finding the way to her house. ALmost remote area. Conutry side with fresh air.

She invited us to eat Mee Udang, which she say very famous in her area.

The Mee Udang is some sort like Jawa Mee (the soup is tomato + chili favour). !st look. Where is the prawn?? USe our fork and find, it's actually hide below the mee. 4 big big prawn. Very fresh, very juicy. The soup have the taste of the prawn. Taste delicious.

How much per bowl?? RM9. Still reasonable.

Joyce say that the 1st mee udang stall that is famous is near by the sea side. Cost rm15 per bowl. Similiar number of prawns. Now seems like not that famous alreadi.

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