Friday, August 26, 2005

Rainy day

Rain rain go away.....

Rainy day in home ~ I love it, because I can sleep on my bed with my warm comforter

Rainy day at office ~ Shivering, because the office temparature is as cool as a fridge.

Rainy day at the road ~ Wet, as even with a good big Umbrella, I will still get any how wet here or there.

Rainy day at the car ~ Blury, hard to see road clearly, need to pay 100% attention to the road, plus its slippery.

Rainy day at the motorcycle ~ Hate it! Wet from body to toe. Only hair no wet only.

Rainy day on the bus ~ Cool, wet, shivering...

Rainy day for umbrella shops ~ Good sales, shopers tend to markup the price to very high, but still people buy.
For Giordano, this shop have special price for umbrella at rainy days.
Sunny day - RM29
Rainy days - RM16
Its cheaper in rainy days.??!! Weird right.
People tend to sell umbrella in a higher price during rainy days, this shop sell lower price in rainy days. Why?? To make consumer convience. Because alot people need this at rainy days.

Rainy day for kids ~ Down, sad. Cannot play in the park.

Rainy day for road side hawker ~ Sad, everything is wet. Less customers.

Do you like rainy days?? What is your felling in rainy days??

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