Thursday, August 11, 2005

Air Pollution in KL.... very serious

I have read some article online just now, seems that the Indonesia foerest burning including 900 spots, wao... thats alot, and the haze has become more and more serious, causing schools in selangor and klang to be closed down. Thats SERIOUS... but hoping KL to be serious, so I do not need to work, hahaha... impossible!! But actually indoors office are not affected much by the haze, once you step out of the office... terrible smell.... 1-2 hours walking outsite will cause breathing difficulties....

Hoo sent sms reminding us to drink more more water, eat more vit C and garlic. I have eat garlic pils everyday to clear off those toxic air in my respirasi system, never been so hardworking in eating those pills.

"The situation is not getting better. It is getting worse." base on a newspaper article. god

Ahrrghh..... From my condo view to the LRT Station, hardly can see the station.... First few days was ok, LRT station still visible, now... seems like the LRT train floating in the sky... GREAT view!!!

Its like the view in Genting highlands, but with smelly smell. Nice view if its really that misty, but the air must be cool like Genting Highlands mar...

Some more in MRJ, BRJ... all the mamak still alot people, more people if got football, people seems not that concern of the haze... still sitting there in open air to breath those air....I'm one of the person, my friends still sit there so long, I finish my food, then go home alreadi.

According the the AIR POLLUTANT INDEX (API), Kuala Lumpur, W.PERSEKUTUAN - 321 seems to be in the very unhealty situation ~ Hazardous, back in Penang - 45 seems very ok. REallly if live in KL, will become shorter life. Always this and that.. The world is so pity, always have enviromental probleem.

Pollution index as at 11/8/2005

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izchan said...

There is much more to it than haze .. :) ... it also helps repels vampires.


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