Monday, June 27, 2011

Master Bedroom in purple

Part of my master bedroom, which is half way complete. End up as what I want ~ purple. Here is the initial wall paint was like that, but with the furniture, curtains, bed sheet and carpet, it looks purple now.

Love the purple swirl carpet which we brought pass 2 weeks. It's around RM250 which I brought at Giant near my house.
Definitely like the white lights, too bad the bed frame is in black.... hmm.... thinking to change it to white. But due to money constraint, I think will still stick the the black frame for this moment.
Another shot with lights. The bed sheet and quilt cover are in a matching set. Price around RM250 for the bed cover, quilt cover, pillow case and booster case. The cotton thread count is 450(if not mistaken), which is higher then those that I brought earlier, which is 250 cotton thread count. The higher the cotton thread count really make the bed smoother and softer.

The purple curtains I got from Nagoya, the fabric is much more cheaper then those curtain shop yet it looks elegant.


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