Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lights Part 2

After 5 months we move to our new home, I finally manage to snap some picture's and share with you all.

Great thanks to TS brother who came several trips down from Johor and install those lights for us. Note that all lights and lamps are assemble by TS and his brother(Save us alot of money). I only manage to help on installing the glass crystal of the chandelier light.

Here is the Chandelier for my living room. I brought from here. Thank got I snap the picture from the shop, else I wouldn't know how to assemble the glass crystal. It turn out to be very elegant and beautiful as it matches with the color and theme of the living area. Price for each Chandelier is RM99.

I brought 3 Rubine Fan for RM218 each. It is in black color with a remote control. We put them in the dinning, living and the master bedroom. The rest of the rooms we install KDK white ceiling fan. Beside the fan is the Chandelier light before installing the glass crystal.

Here is a stand light which is in the living room, we brought from the LDP Furniture Mall. We grab it from a discounted price at RM269. Same shop where we got the Chandelier.

Finding lights for the living area is such a pain. What I notice from design magazine, usually no ceiling fan at dinning area's. Well, I think it is very impractical unless you have air -con on that area. We initially brought lights around RM60 that are quite similar to the Ikea's BRASA black lamp(which cost RM200++), but when TS brother hang it before installing it to the dinning area, we do not feel like it matches with the area. We finally used TS brother's lamp's as above for our dinning area (yellow lights) & dry kitchen (white light).

We install several down lights on the middle of the living + dinning area. It is just a backup light source if in case the main lights from both area is insufficient. Each down light cost us RM36 with twin energy light bulb. Due to the blur surface of the glass on the down light, some times I few like it is not bright enough. We have install 2 more at the car pouch and at the wet kitchen.

Let's go upstairs... We brought these twin wall lights (RM69) for the stairs and for the family area. Surprisingly with just 2 energy saving light bulbs, it is bright enough for the family area. It handle made from wood, which matches well with the apple white color of the wall and green feature wall at the family area.

This rottan round light is around RM99, Top Ten told us to use yellow lights for warm and relaxing feel. I think it's a great suggestion, he even suggest us to get the wooden wall lamp as it will fits perfectly with this lamp.
Love the effect when the yellow dim light is open ~!
My master room light, each cost RM280, the most expensive lights in my house. The worst part was I need to buy 2 as we have 2 lighting ports in the master room. It is a very beautiful and modern light. It end up to be very matching with my purple room. One thing bad of this light is it is too bright. Each light holds 3 bulb. And it is very eye sore when we are lying down the bed and accidentally look on the bulbs. Planned to change to yellow light's next time.

We was worried that wall lamps are not bright enough. I suggested using normal fluorescent light for other small rooms, but TS insist getting more beautiful lights for the rooms. This wall lamp surface is made from glass and the lights is very bright. Just one of them are enough for the whole room. It cost RM125, slightly expensive then we thought. If we knew the wooden wall lights would be bright enough, we might consider buying them from those smaller rooms too.
Simple round moon like lamp for the toilet. It is RM38 each and the bigger on is RM58 that we install it as the main light at the car pouch. I think this is suitable for toilets as toilets are wet and the plastic casing will protect it. The disadvantage was the light isn't that bright on the car park as the plastic casing blocks some of the light off.
Almost all our light's we brought from Top Ten, I think they offer most reasonable price for lights. If you buy alot from them, try to ask for more discount. I hate to go to lighting shop's where they set the price very high and then mark 50% or 70% off where the discounted price is around the same as per the price labeled at Top Ten. Just to be careful and double check your items before you leave the shop.

Top Ten Lighting Sdn. Bhd.
1-G, Jalan Bandar 3,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47100 Selangor
Tel: 03-5882 4606

Business Hour:
Mon - Sat: 11.30am - 9pm
Sun: 12 noon - 4pm

I think I still missed photographing some other lamps in the house, will do it on the next post.


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i like the rottan light

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