Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Living Area

Here is my living area of my home sweet home. Still with the Chinese New Year decoration (lazy to remove them). Color theme of the living ares is brown color. The curtain and the sofa tend to be the same color.

The sofa is big, bigger then what we see on the fair. This was our first furniture we brought during April 2010 Home Deco Fair at KLCC. The sofa is around RM3000++ which includes the coffee table. The sofa is detachable into 4 separate individual sofa and we can mix and match with it's design. The upper part of the cushion is also detachable to adjust the height of the sofa. It includes 3 square and 3 long sized feather pillow which is super soft. We are allow to choose the fabric and color for both the sofa and pillows.We didn't hang around much at the living area. Maybe one reason was we haven't brought a TV. It is still in our waiting list. Or who want's to sponsor me a new television? LOL. The sofa now become the home for my soft toys. I "kept" some of my brother's collection there. Here is a nasty and furious fish. Some are gifts from TS and friends. I love the Tatty teddy valentine collection the most.

I think the most ugliest item in my living room is this shoe rack which I used back on my old condo. Still in the process of saving more money to buy more furniture for my house.

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