Friday, August 05, 2005

Oh my god.... Penang cendul online?!?

Suprisingly today I found penang famous cendul online!!! What a great shock...

This makes me remember those days when I use to go they purposely to eat the cendul. so yummy....

What makes it different is the coconut and the cendul is very different for other stall, don't really know what's the different. But in front the stall, u will see on your right hand side will be full of people and the left hand side, even the same stall, but hardly can see people. People can willingly to queue and stand there to eat!!!

Just found that there have branches in KL too..... yeah... can go there to eat, see the taste same as Penang head stall??

K. Lumpur Branches
1. Giant Food Court U.S.J. Subang Jaya
2. Giant Food Court Permata Merawati

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