Monday, August 22, 2005

Miss Penang alot

When ever I decided to come back to Penang, I feel very lazy. Why? Because I need to sit 4 hours bus trip back to Penang.

When ever I'm going to reach Penang, the REX advertisment, I will be excited, saying that.. oh.. i'm going back , i'm going back. When the bus step on the bridge, I will be more and more excited. "Yeah.... finally reach Penang liao". My mood will be very very happy.

Last time when I reach Penang, I will stay at home, meet out with friend, chat with my dad n mum n grandmum, chat with my sisters, brothers... watch Astro at midnite, eat and sleep

Now, when I reach Penang, I will start finding friends, show products, STP, finding people.. lesser time with family. (which i feel sad about it). But I know all this will be temporary, later I will have more and more time together with them.

When ever I'm going back to kl, I will don't want to leave Penang, my mood will be very very down, very upset. Depress until cry sometimes.

After I passby the bridge, my mood will be recover soon. Seting a date when to come back Penang again.

Do u all miss home like what I miss my home??

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izchan said...

When I was studying in Melbourne, I will feel that way.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I feel very much alone. And I want my family.

But slowly I changed.

Not that i don't think of them. Rather I think of them differently. My mind starts to appreciate them more, the memories become more selective and only the good things come out.

Do I cry?

of course I do. But I also smile. :)

missing your family is a good thing, because it helps you see what you hold as precious. And that is the best motivator to live life better.


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