Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tissue pouch

Was into clay too long and forgotten of my sewing machine. TS was starting to gumbling on me buying things and not use it.

I follow one issue of Cotton Time to do this Tissue paper pouch. I couldn't find any linen cloth on my storage, so I just simply mix and match with the existing cloth that I have.

Here is the end product. Quite satisfy. But not for selling as it is not perfect. The edges was not that even nor straight. Making the pouch abit not even. But still glad that I try up this pattern.

Front View and Side view of the tissue pouch

Inner of the tissue pouch. Look it is abit senget (not straight)

This is a the a heat protecter to take hot pots in the kitchen. I made it myself with some sewing patches on top. Its so much fun and self satisfaction on my self sewing things myself

TS was asking, why I keep on sewing square stuff only? Because I still cannot control the sewing machine that good. Even straight line, I still sew it not straight. I still can't control the speed, sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow.

Getting the end product is wonderful, but when cutting the fabrics was just a huge task. I seems can't measure properly even I have the cutting mat now. Or using a ruler.

I think need to find those sifu (TS mum) to teach how to sew and cut fabric properly.

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craftygirlwithruffle said...

These look great! There is an art to drawing a straight line. I still haven't got it!


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