Monday, July 21, 2008

I hate flu

Was having a flu seens last wednesday.
Became more serious on friday that I call off for MC.
Eat lots of vitamins, sleep and rest.
My mind was tried, dizzy and difficult.

But today I was at work. But still feeling abit flu if the air-con was too high. Now is the cough season , but I try not to cough so much. Drinking herbal teas to smoothen my cough.

Yesterday TS ate durian. Smells good, although I got flu, but couldn't eat any. Durian is very heaty and will cost more serious to my flu. Was so sad, durian season will be ending soon. Saturday TS relative having BBQ, the BBQ chickhen wing was so temping, and the BBQ prawns too. I didn't eat any of them and play with his relative's children and babies.

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Robin said...

Hope you feel better soon! Take vitamin C and echinacea too. That's what I do. Usually cuts the cold time in half.


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