Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Re-ment Toys

Don't know seens when I started to love re-ment toys(Miniture toys)

There are just cute and tiny. But it cost hundred for 1 set of 10 choice inside.

I kinda love this set very much. It's called the strawberry house re-ment set. Here is the actual picture how it looks like.

If u love strawberry, I think you will be crazy with this set.

Want to buy? Don't want to buy? .... Still considering the price and where can I store them?


mangosteenskin said...

i read that u not well, hope u feel better oredy!

i'm not sure about strawberry, but i do love miniatures!!

Robin said...

I love the Re-Ment and Megahouse miniatures too! I have a bunch! Isn't it funny how we like alot of the same things?

Ciyou said...

mangostennskin: Thanks for your concern, I'm healthy as a elephant right now.

robin: If you like to do minitures on clay, I think you will salute those re-ment and megahouse miniture, they are so tiny yet details. Love them.

Sing Yee said...

Go get them! :D I've been influenced by some Flickr pics and sets that I am now also a fan of Re-Ment's. T-T I especially like those sets with cakes and desserts. *drools* But they're quite expensive lo. I saw full sets of 10 boxes for RM100+ at a store in Mid Valley. So, at the moment, I'll just look at them only la. T-T

Ciyou said...

Sing Yee: Me also the same like you. Love it, but just abit pricely. The strawberry set is around RM120.


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