Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brand new camera and ipod

Finally decided to get both of them.

Here is my camera - Canon power shot A570. Quite an old model, selling cheap for RM599(no free gifts). I brought the 2 rechargable batteri + charger for RM39. 2GB Memory card for RM39 and a mini tripod for RM10. Still cheaper then stores outside.

And my nano Ipod for RM300. Finally I can remove 2 items from my wish list.

Was extreemly delight for the IPOD. Even more happy then the camera.

买到ipod,让我超兴奋,比买到相机更兴奋。好比如小女孩有个新的barbie娃娃。它是我梦寐以求的mp3 player.昨晚研究了整天,发现它的音质好好,又比较好找歌。真的没后悔买它回家。


onebowl said...

the ipod nana's pretty cheap eh. in singapore, that would costs about S$200+ at least.

Ciyou said...

The ipod is the older version (2nd generation) nano ipod, I got it on a warehouse sales. Outside still sell rm500 for this model. So I guess I have a good deal


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