Friday, April 18, 2008

Snoogems Again

Remember I hand sew the Snoogems on last year I guess. The hand sew is making me impatient and the fabric is stretchable which makes my hand sewing more misirable.

This time I use non-stretchable fabric and it was sucessful. Just abit too thin. Haha.

The left handside is the NEW Snoogems that I have sew yesterday and at the right hand side is the OLD Snoogems. Such a difference. TS say the new one is good, just abit thin. The back of the new Snoogems I use a bear fabric and it looks so cute. Abit too small for adults to hug but fit perfect for those babies to hug.

Will be sewing more, but I would like to sew small Snoogems for keychain and handphone charms.


Erica said...

these are wonderful!!!
you make very lovely things.
-rakuette (blog love)

Seok Liew said...

lovely, would you like to sell it at my baby online store?


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