Monday, March 31, 2008

Teppan-Yaki @ Pavilion KL

This was the very delicious Teppan-Yaki at Pavilion KL. How I know it is delicious, because TS when there eat before the Chicken Teppanyaki. It taste delicious, very different from those we eat from Mr Teppanyaki or Teppanyaki at KLCC or at Jusco Wangsa Maju.

I was near by today during lunch time. Was considering and consider to eat this Teppanyaki or the Oyster Mee Sua (Too small bowl, not full enought). But finally I choose teppanyaki.

Here is what they serve-2 types of vegetable and the main course (beef with garlic and peapper sause), rice, and soup (soup taste very good too). I can tell you, its very delicious. And you know why it is serve on the hot plate like this - to keep it hot.

Anyone going to Pavilion next time can have a try. But abit expensive compare to those normal Teppanyaki, its RM14.70 plus Tax.

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