Friday, March 07, 2008


Today is my last day at my old job and next week I'm starting a new job.
Will miss all the people here, espescially the locals.
Will miss the FREE time here, and 2 hours lunch time here.
Will miss the Nothing TO Do time here

But I know I won't able to improve anything if still staying at here. I will get more lazy and lazy.

Thus I decided to leave.
I know next time I won't be as free as now. Its a good job for those that just need a pay. Plus I cannot see any future with this company. Althought they hire a new guy for marketing, but he seems knows nothing about IT and I'm the one teaching him back. (Cannot blame him, because he is also not in IT line). I would want my life to be something interesting that I could tell my child later.

Wish me luck on my new job that is going to start on coming Monday.


Joyce said...

wow.. new job ya.. all the best!!

onebowl said...

Good luck!!!! change is always for the better!

Seok Liew said...

good luck for your new job. i also just quit my current job, due to too free and nothing to learn, some more contract job lo. will start new work next mth.


Ciyou said...

Good luck to you too seok liew


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