Saturday, March 29, 2008

hit on my head

Knock on the left hand side of my forehead twice this week. Ouch....!! ~~

1st was when I was taking my thing at my friends car booth, when I open the booth, don't know how it just hit on my head. I thought it was just nothing, but when I makeup in the next morning, when I press the loose powder on to my foreheads, its aches.

2nd time was I open the door and it just hit my head. Because the car was park slighty senget abit, then when I open the door, it directly just hit on my head, and the worst part it was hit around the same place when I was hit the 1st time.

Abit headache after the hit, even a slight touch will cause pain. Really long time no hit head. I just remember those days when I hit my head was those days in Kindegarden.

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