Monday, March 24, 2008

Nearly got hit

Today morning I was waiting for my collegue to open the door for me to work. As he was trap in a traffic jam, I have to find somewhere to have my breakfast and somewhere that I can lepak.

When I was crossing the road. I look on the left, as the car was coming that way, but I didn't look right and I just cross the road. And suddenly a car just flash beside my side, I was just shock and the 2 guys across the road was shock too. The car is just reversing to get a road which I want to go in to.

It is a 1 way road, how can that car just reserve itself? And it just reverse so fast that if I have walk 2 more steps, I will be hit by the car.

Next time remind myself need to look left and right although that is a one way.

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