Sunday, March 23, 2008

Busy holiday and weekends

All my weekends was busy, even the recent thursday was a holiday, yet I was so busy, running here and there.


I was with TS sourcing for new clothers and bags to import to her sister shop at his home town. I can say, doing business is not easy. You need to have the vision to see which pattern or design will the customer buy. What will sell best, what will not. Sometimes, the pattern or design I like and I think it will sell alot, no people interested. But those items I think which is just so so, TS or his sister will say they like it. And sometimes it will sell even more. Funny right? Different people have different view of design and pattern.

TS sister shop is in the only shopping mall at Pontian Kechil Town, Johor. Anyone staying there can go there and have a look. It will be the latest trend in the market. For those friends or anyone interested, can get from me at Kuala Lumpur. I have setup a blog/website named Poupee Collection for the items in the shop. Not every thing is up yet. Will update regulary. I promise

I have another freelance now, called freelance purchaser (TS give the title for me). Me this freelance purchaser sometimes also cannot tahan and keep on buying bags and goodies for myself. I got this 2 for myself and I love them alot.


Anonymous said...

would you mind telling me where you found the sportsac lookalike? I'm interested in sourcing the raw material (not the finished bag)

Ciyou said...

the lesportsac lookalike fabric I also not sure where to get them. I brought those bags for the shops


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