Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fortune Telling

Went to fortune telling last Saturday. The shop opens at 10-10.15am, guess what we reach before 8am at the morning just to wait the shop to open.

TS told me that we need to go early for the fortune telling, until 11am++ will finish. I was wondering why furtune telling need so much time to do. But I was wrong. Going there early was to make sure we can finsh early at 11am, the process was quite fast for 1 person, new comers are like 5-10 minute and those regular customers some could be as fast as less then 5 minites.

That sifu was using tarot cards as he ask me choose a tarot card, saying that he could calculate my future.

He have told me that my working career is good, but better if I go into business. I asked could I have art or crafts for my business, he say yes. I was glad. Meaning that I could make my crafts hobbies as business in future. :) He also say that my future husband will buy house and car for me. (Really??) My future husband will be loyal to me. (my current bf is a loyal guy, does he mean he will be my future husband) ... But he say those 3 horoscope that will treat me very good as a future husband doesn;t match with TS.:( And he say I very scaried of theft. (Yeah, its true that I very scared for theft when I walk at the road side)

He have advise me to go add this 3 things:
- Blue crystal - I brought from sifu shop
- Lime Tree

- 八仙图 (Picture of the 8 god)

Where can I find the Lime Tree and the Picture of the 8 god?? Any cheap resources?? The shop sell quite expensive. The picture of the 8 god is RM30 and the artificial lime tree was around RM100.

I walk out, half believe, half suspect.

The sifu was a famous Sifu and I heard he did his fortune telling for quite a number of famous people (TS told me those famous people name, but I forgotten already)

You can visit the shop, open Monday to Saturday, from 10am.
Pu Xian Buddhist Misson
Lot G38, Wisma MPL,
Jalan Raju Chulan,
50200, Kuala Lumpur

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ichigo said...

wow, i never been to any fortune telling before...but its fun to hear the sifu's prediction of your future..in our religion, we cant believe in fortune telling but i always wanted ti try...its ok if just for fun, but never to believe! i also believe in horoscope and tarot too..oh i should grow uppp!!!


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