Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New job

This is my 3rd day in this new office.

Its like a business suite, in a level, there is a secertary area, fax machine and photocopy area, pantry area but inside have more then 10 small small comapanies. I'm with a room with 1 designer and my boss. I'm the only programmer in the office. Sometimes kinda bore because no one is the small room to talk with. Unless I go outside to talk to those ladies.

But one thing good is there is this aunty that serve tea and drink every morning and afternoon. LAst time we need to do ourself, but now got people to serve somemore. The security in the building is quite good. But kinda troublesome sometimes, as I have to scan access card to make the lift move to my level.

There give me a good computer - 19inch lcd monitor, 2G RAM memory and DVD RW player. The 2G ram makes me feel that my computer never hang. Even with those heavy application such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FTP and Windows MEdia Player open together and still will not hang. Thats the most good part. Some more the 19 inch LCD monitor dam good. For my ex-company the RAM was just 256mb and CDROM but I was lucky enough to get a brand new computer with 17 inch lcd monitor. My 1st company was the worst. I forgotten the specs, but definately was an old outdated model. I don't even have a CD-Rom.

One thing good is I can leave at 5.30pm and I got more time for myself at the night. I feel my night time longer compare to leaving office at 6.30pm of my previous company.

Back to work now. Have to complete 1 form before I leave the company today. :)

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Joyce said...

ya ya, 19 inch monitor is damn cool. hehe, i remember one of my ex company also give us 19 inch monitor.. super nice..

but then ar.. nv pay us salary.. ~sigh..


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