Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chocolate dessert @ Chilis KLCC

TS came to KLCC for the 10,000 BC movie. As a reward for me as a good gf - me buying ticket and waited him for the movie. We went for Chili's at KLCC.

I already heard that they serve quite a big plate of serving's in the restoran, so we order 1 main course only. TS order a banana chocolate drink and 1 eyerip steak set, but was quite disappointing that it he order the wrong one, should be rib bones as he say was better. I don't really like steak that much, so I don't really like the main course. The chocolate drink was just so so. We later order chickhen wings but the taste was weird. Even weird when it is with the mayonise cream.

But the most tasty part is this chocolate cake with ice cream.

It is with tons chocolate melted sauce. When we poke on the ice cream, it melted like a vocanno and it taste dam good. The ice cream was in vanilla and it makes the dessert not too strong chocolate taste. Even the cake have chocolate melts from inside. If you are a chocolate lover like me, then you must try this. It's wonderful.

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