Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2nd try on my sewing machine

Yesterday was my 2nd attempt on the sewing machine, but no luck on sewing nice things.

I have brought a new book with template patterns, but don't know how to trace it to my cloth. Do I need to tracing paper or how?? So headache.

So I just play around with those old fabric and manage to sew a cushion, but it was too ugly to show on here. I also manage to sew a casing for my umbrella. Pink one. That one also abit "cacat". But yet still usable. I have it on my bag now.

I wanted to sew bags, I can just stumble upon this website that teach how to sew a boxy pouch tutorial.

Cute isn't it. But this tutorial is without linning, I want the pouch with inner linning.

Felt are very nice too, but its kinda expensive compare to normal fabric and its real hard to find it here too. This Ai the alien tutorial is also a cute one, maybe thing to change to using fabric rather then felt.

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