Sunday, March 02, 2008

J.Co Donuts & Coffee @ Pavilion

Today we went to Pavilion as TS never go to Pavilion before.

We came aross this long queue infront of J.Co Donuts & Coffee, I was wondering how come the queue can be so long. TS heard that the donuts is very nice. I always see people taking the box of donuts from this shop when ever I visit Pavilion (Pavillion is near to my office, I go window shopping sometimes during lunch time). The queue is like those tgv cinema queue. From the caisher towards outside with jizjag lines until a long line toward outside.

This is queue that I snap-shot from inside the shop.

TS insist to try and line up, for me, I won't do so if I see the queue is so long. I'm a lazy gal and I would come another day, but we line up for the queue as TS seldom come.

Finally we got our donuts.

I love chocolate, choose 2 chocolate, 1 oreo, 1 tiramisu, 1 chocolate with nuts and 1 white chocolate .

Once you bit on those donuts, you will know why the queue is so long. Dunkin Donuts have nothing to fight with these donuts. I try mine chocolate donut. 1st bite the chocolate donut, I can taste the rich chocolate taste. And suprisingly there are some cream inside the donut is self. Not sure whats the cream inside,but its like a mixture of chocolate and coffee. Dam good. RM2.30 per piece for so rich chocolate donuts is worth it.

I have ate 3 on the spot. And TS ate 2. We tapao 1 back home. And because of the tiramisu is cover with cream tiramisu on top, I ate that too, TS no good, didn't help me eat as he say he is too full after drinking his ice-blended coffee.

Maybe because I feel full, when I eat the tiramisu donut, it seems too much for me. Inside the tiramisu donut is full of cream, whipped cream. Makes me want to vomit.

Overall the donuts are great. Loves the chocolate donuts the most. Total bill for 6 donuts are RM10.45.

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