Friday, March 14, 2008

No self making drinks?

As I'm working in a business suite that I mention on the previous post, today morning the secertary girl come and talk to me, saying that I cannot make myself a drink, eg: I cannot take 3 in 1 milo from my house and come to their pantry and make myself the milo. I can do it and they will extra charge it to my boss. Can you believe it??!! Althought they serve tea or coffee to us, but what if I want milo or celeral in the morning. Dam it.

After I drink, I just put it aside and sometimes at the afternoon, it will be abit dry in the cup. The lady told me at wednesday and I remember and I pour some water to the cup on thursday and make sure it won't be too dry to the cup. The "kakak" seems like don't want to talk to me like that. I just want to be friendly but the "kakak" just like don't want to talk. I thought she is just moodly or not in a good mood that day. But you know what, she is mad because I the cup is too dry and hard for her to wash. Else the secertary also will not ask me to soak the cup la.

Its good la, got people serve tea or coffee for u. But not good is that there are so many limitations. "Kakak", if you don't like, mar tell la, no need ask other people to come and tell me one.

If you don't want to wash, I will wash myself.

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meiweihuang said...

pity u, wat the stupid "kakak" , like she need to pay u salary, u need to see on her "odor"face , damn shit nie....


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