Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ressignation Gifts

This company is quite special. Usually in a chinese base company, last day are just having food for everyone. I think chinese like to eat I guess. This is what I get for my previous company. For this company We get a farewell gifts after we resign. Good for that.

Here are the gifts I recieve.
1. chocolates
2. Perlini's Sliver sandle necklance
3. Perlini's sliver love anklet
4. Clinique Happy 3 in 1 roll on perfume

I love the Clinique Happy perfume the most. Maybe MAtt Salleh donated more money for my farewell gift.Hehe...


wcheryl said...

Wah, resign oso can get gifts ar?

Ciyou said...

Not bad hor~


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