Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do you vote?

Do you as a Malaysian vote for the 8/3/2008 election??

I do vote. And I found it interesting, I never got interest on politic nor I like to read newspaper. But after I know I can vote this year (which I didn't vote at 2004 which I was eligible as term of age, but not eligible becoz I did not register to vote), I start to listen more on this topic, read more news or article on Malaysian Goverment and Malaysian Economy. Plus my bf will always update me on these stuff and make me understand more and more.

Most youngster didn't vote. They felt that it is troublesome and many think that, there is no difference for them to vote or not. But for me, I think that if you are a Malaysian, you should not waste your citizenship and to vote for a goverment that helps their peoples, ecomony and developmental of the country. For me, I didn't vote at 2004, so when the price of oil increase, the price of flour increase, you have no rights to critisize or complain on why those increasement on flour and oil. People will complain why there is a number of crime rate increasing and keep on blaming, the 1st person you should blame is yourself as your didn't vote to choose a goverment that can control these area. I do understand that we can't control inflation, but at least somehow we can control the minimum inflation towards the society.

So next coming year, remember to go back to vote. For me, I pay my bus ticket back to Penang. It is just 4 hours drive (actually 6 hours because of the traffic), but I think I have make my part as a citizen and I treat as I am just going back my hometown for a rest. Although the voting process just take 3 minutes, but I think its a good experience for me.

The most exciting part was waiting for the result. Me and my brother (although he is not enough age to vote), was egerly chasing the result on Astro, but thru in the internet, the results was faster. At 7pm saturday, we already knew that the state sits of Penang was taken by the opposition. But Astro seems doesn't annouce it yet. It makes my brother telling me he will register and wait for the next election.

It was shocking that 5 state was fallen to the opposition - Penang, Perak, Kelantan, Kedah, Selangor. But it is just time to change for a better future for Malaysian

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