Friday, March 21, 2008

My sewing machine

Horray~~Finally I brought my sewing machine.

TS told me there is a shop at Sri Rampai selling sewing machine. For a very long long time I wanted one.

The shop got repair and sell sewing machine. The guy promote this sewing machine I got. Model 1116 from Singer. He said is the most non problem machine and they provide me service and sewing lessons. My budget is RM600-700. But later I brought one with RM895. RM200 more over my budget. Hai~ everytime like that.

Was abit regreting when placing the deposit. But was not regareting yet delightful after I got the sewing machine.

I have 19 patterns with my this sewing machine. Another model RM690 is with 7 patterns. Extra RM200 I get 10 more patterns, I think its ok la.

I was amaze that the technology nowadays. I salute the sewing machine. They can really sew. The patterns really attract me alot. I love the 1st row J pattern the most. But too bad it cannot sew the side of the cloth. That another machine.

Here is what I sew yesterday. The zipper part I sew with that Mini Sewing Machine I have until half way, so I continue sewing it. Not that nice, yet I'm happy that I can sew things together now.

Hoping to sew plush and more bags this weekend


Caffeaulait or Caffelatte said...

hi! ciyou...
what a lovely machine! look forward to your pretty creations. I can't sew! so..I really admire for those who can sew *grin*

Seok Liew said...

thanks for sharing this with me, hopefully I can get one by this year.

Joy said...

Hi ciyou,
Is there any accesorries given when you purchase this machine? I wanted to get one for myself :)

Ciyou said...

Hi Joy,

There are some small accesories given, such as zipper foot set, extra point needles, Spools and Bobbins...

Go to a sewing machines shop to buy, they give me extra stuff like gold poing needle,All-Purpose Oil...


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