Monday, March 03, 2008

Malaysian Designer cloths

Last Friday as Isetan KLCC sales day. Everytime sales I sure go look look at lunch time and see anything nice to grab.

I kinda got attracted in these Malaysian Designer's artwork

1st is this kawaii skirt with consist of layers of green rabbit and light brown owl pattern. I always wanted to find this fabric, but I saw on Japanese online shopping, 1 meter of these fabric will cost RM30++. This is from Venie Tee.I love her other tops, but I could wear them as it was too big for me. As the skirt is A-line skirt, when I wear it, and a pair of high heels, I will look slimmer. This skirt is RM40 (after discount)

This is Danial Chong's Dress. I love this dress alot. 1st mainly on the printing of the clothers. Look closely as it is not just white color dress, yet it have white pattern of roses on the dress. The fabric of the dress is smooth and its with inner lyning. RM40 for this dress which I think is cheap. There is a black ribbon to tie either your waist or lower bust section. But I think wearing it alone looks good too.

I have tried with my black coat and it looks perfect with the ribbons lying infront of me.

How I wish I can sew like them


Anonymous said...

hei im jz passing and leave u some text :>
venie is my i feel great to c ur little post...bout her skirts

please always support local designers ok!(especially the young and new one)

take care babe

onebowl said...

i love that skirt too.. and its cheap . is there an online shop i can go to see it?

Ciyou said...

Onebowl: The skirt is RM40, I brought it during sales. Consider cheap liao. She is a MAlaysian Fashion desginer. See my previous post on her at here


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