Saturday, January 05, 2008


I have join this swap - I want Coin Purse . Here is the coin purse that I have sent. But now only the pink cat is recieve by ozrob. Another one which I sent to Pensivenga is coming back to me without any reason and I'm going to re-sent to her. Another one which is sent to Cristina, I think it is lost at the mail or some how missing and she gave me a rating of 1:( So sad. Couldn't maintain the 5 overall rating.

I swear that I have post all items, but not sure why she have not receive it.

But some case I saw at swap-bot is they receive the item, yet claiming not recieve it.

But at least I did what I can, just leave God to decide. As long as I'm sincere to myself that I have sent the items.

I only recieve one coin purse swap from 1 of my partner (I will upload the image later), the coordinator Sonii is one of my swap partner - she didn't even sent to me yet. And another one is a flake.

This is the worst swap I ever had.

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