Monday, January 07, 2008

Another friend got married again

More and more of my friend is getting married. Here is my high school friend - siew heng, which is my st john ambulance society group leader from high school.

She got more prettier, I guess:)

I love her chinese tradisional dress and this photo looks cute. More towards daily life photo rather then modeling photo. The chinese dress looks sexy yet elegant.

More photo on her wedding website.


wcheryl said...

huh..I dun remember her wor.. which class was she from last time? izit same yr as us one ar?

platitudinal said...

What a good looking couple, and they look so young! :)

*I'm your blog love 3 swap partner

Ciyou said...

wcheryl: she is one year older batch then us.

platitudinal: the bride is 28 years old this year :)

wcheryl said...

oh sh*t.. I can't believe I'm 26 liao.. noOOOOooOOOOoo!!!!


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