Monday, January 21, 2008

half recover from sick

Until today, I'm not completely recover from my sickness, but at least all the red spots have gone down and I won't feel itchy.

This was my hand on the 3rd day, seems like the small red spots are combain into one red patch or red area. my hand seems like swollen and it become big.

All the red spots gone down on the 6th day, which is today, and I start work today.

Its quite of tried and I still feel my whole lips, nose are very dry, no matter how much water I take, I still feel dry. There are redness on my eyes too. I couldn't wear my contact lenses yet.
There are alot of things that I couldn't eat. Eg: seafood, chickhen, nuts, eggs. All I can eat is bread, porriage, vegetable, fish, rice. My mum even ask me to not to eat those dark colors stuff, such as black soya sauce.

This was what my bf cook for me during my 5th day of lunch. Porriage + steam fish. Yummy. Althought it doesn't looks good, but it taste good, but not the porriage. Porriage is tasteless :(

I hope I can fully recover soon, as Chinese new Year is coming soon.

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