Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chyi from Japan visit KL

Lee Chyi was back to Malaysia and she came to KL past saturday. Seen I don't have enough time to meet her at night, I made our appoitment earlier at the morning 11am. But guess what again. I set my alarm clock to 8.30PM instate of 8.30AM because I know I sure drag alot when wanting to get up. But I didn't manage to wake up 8.30am but 9.30am. Rush rush rush and finally got to Time square LRT at 11.30pm. Half an hour late.

Seen Lee Chyi is meeting another friend at 12noon, so we decided to wait for her friend.

Lee Chyi got more lady look more seen she straighten her hair. She have one type of pattern on the way she speak and her body language. I haven't seen her for almost 8 year after we leave form 6 half way. I know her thru Wan Yuan at Form 6 and we spend only 2-3 months knowing each other only. Although we are at the same school for 5 years.

She always is in the top class. After Form 5, She got Malaysian Scholarship to Japan for her studies.

I got her gift from Japan, Cotton Time Jan 2008 issue. The book introduces the handmade zakka patterns for Winter. Linen, Felt, Crochet, etc. A Variety of Projects of Cute Handcrafted Goods with Full-Scaled Patterns. The magazine comes with 2008 Calender. I just ask her to buy from me from Japan as it is cheaper RM20 compared if I buy from local stores here. But she was too generous and give me as a gift. Thanks Lee Chyi. Here are some parts of the magazine that I love most.

I know one of Chyi friend which is her housemate from Japan, called 莉盈. She is currently back in KL and in a process of finding a job. 莉盈 is a nice, Quiet yet elegant lady. Chyi highly recommend her as a friend. She have special interest. Wearing sarung at home. Usually modern people in KL don't wear sarung. She even wear at Japan when she live with Chyi.

We even meet Chyi sister, which is also my sister friend when we have lunch.

Chyi is a friend that talks not fashion, not makeup, but business, financial, ecomonical, personal goals, good opportunity...

We manage to snap a picture before I left because I have a seminar at 3pm.
1st picture: Me, 莉盈, Lee chyi
2nd picture: Me, 莉盈, Lee chyi's sister

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