Monday, January 28, 2008

Chinese New Year Present for TS child

From my previous post, I have posted we adopt 2 children from World Vision. Mine is from Mongolia and Ts is from China. I have sent my kid a christmas card during christmas, but not for TS child. So he keep on bugging me, when I am going to send his child a present? Aiya~ that is your child, why am I the one that is writting to your child? I seems like a secretary to TS.

He ask me to sent her color pensel's, as my house still have a brand new 12 color pensels, but she is only 4 years old, I think crayon will be more suitable for her.

After some shopping, finally got this Hello Kitty coloring book for her. The hello kitty seems like very big and more suitable for crayon coloring. As she looks very tomboy on her picture, TS wish her to be a bit girlish. So here we go, the Hello Kitty coloring book is sent to her as an "Ang Pow" to her. We are prohibited to sent cash to the sponsor child. I hope she will be please. Adding one more Chinese New Year card to her.

Postage was quite expensive. RM10++ for postage and register post. But this is safer as there are some case that those gifts got lost.

My other post on sponsor a child: Child 2007 annual report, Letter for china, World Vision Sponsor a Child.

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