Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 Medical Checkup

Do you do an annually medical checkup? Check on your body, blood, liver... etc?

I think is a must, at least 1 year once. But because I do apply a medical card which comes with a coupon for the medical checkup, that why for the pass 3 years, every year I sure go.

I finally manage to do my medical checkup end of the year, before the coupon expire. The report came out today and I have collected it at lunch time.

Seems everything is ok. Normal. Expect the Hepatitis B immune is getting low. I remember last time when I was young, I have that injection before. But for the pass 3 years the report is saying to ask me to go for Hepatitis B injection. Is it a must? How much is per injection?

Planning not apply the medical card any more, so no free medical checkup coupon. Mine medical checkup recently cover 33 types of check up. I saw the price, around RM 150- RM200. Any one have good sugguestion on other medical checkup which have reasonable price??

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