Friday, January 04, 2008

Base coat for nail

I love colors, I love myself to be colorfull. So I have a habbit on coloring my nails. Seens last time I brought quite a number for nail polish at Pasar Malam, 3 for RM5 for just testing on the nail art. But I'm too lazy to do the nail art but yet I still will color my nails.

Those Pasar Malam nail polish are not so good in quality. After 2 weeks I remove the nail polish, I will see yellowlish spots on my nails. Not sure it is cause because I use low quality nail polish or not. But one thing not good about those pasar malam nail polish is it is very hard to apply on my nails. Cannnot evenly spread the colors on my nail. This problem won't happen if I use those more expensive nail polish. You no need to be an expert to color your nail with expensive nail polish. How ugly you paint your nails, it will be smooth enough.

My friends encorange me to use base coat before applying nail polish. Saying it won't hurt my nails or have those yellowish color. So I tried with my base coat. Suprisingly I found that after applying base coat, those pasar malam nail polish that I apply become very smooth and very easy to apply. Which is very good. The base coat not only protect my nails, but also make my nail painting process more easy.

This week I have pink color for my fingers and Black color for my toes. I want to have black colors on my hands, looks punk. But doesn't look professional and doesn't look good on business functions.

Try to have lighter colors of nail polish on hands and you can have daring colors on your toes. This is my nail philosophy.

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lauren said...

would love to see photos of your colorful nails


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