Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ann Ying Wedding Dinner

Ann Ying Wedding was at 2007 December, I finally got the picture from my high school mates that attend the wedding.

This is what I snap-shot from the wedding car. People will usually have couple wedding bears plush in front of the car, but this bride have Doremon wedding plush in front of her car. Something special. Like this also can. But Angelia told me she love doremon seens she was in high school. I didn't know that.

I know Ann ying when we are the same class in form 4. Me, Angelia Teoh, Ann Ying, Gaik Mei, Elizabeth, Ming ming - we sit around in together that year. And our friendship grew strong that year. We even call each other as foster sisters (god sister). But time flyies and those bond got more and more loose. I still rememeber that year I was the class monitor and they help me alot on this position for the class. I don't know why my classmate choose me as class monitor, maybe I was too good to be buli.

We were late. Because I help Angelia to put her make up on. But she and her bf fetch me to the wedding. Without them, I couldn't go too. :) We arrive late, later then the bride and groom. They are already eating. No place for us to sit and we join a stranger group of her USM friend, but I still know a gal which she is from our high school.

The food at Tanjung Country Club is still not bad. Remembering that last one was bad, but it was 2 years ago. I guess they change cook.

Here is a picture with our ex-pcghs high school friends photo. It seems like a ex schoolmate reunion rather then a wedding to me. HAHA. But that the most lovely thing I like when I attend someones wedding, will get to see back those old friends.

Here is the group picture with the bride and the groom.

We accompany here until the very end and we get to have pictures with her at the end. Poor bride, need to drive back herself to her home.

Happy Wedding and I wish you to have a new born baby the coming year.

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