Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dec 2007 & Jan 2008 Swaps

Here are some that I sent and receive on the December last year and January this year.

Items that I SENT

handmade gift for you
I create this sock toy for my partner as I know she love to create sock monkey. Its very easy to complete and I love to add accesories on the socks body.

Yummy! Kawaii Matchbox Swap
This is what I did for my partner. Don't know she receive or not. I Make her a matchbox using Japanese hawker stall food with kawaii characther from a wrapping paper. Included some stickers, plasters, gift box. Hope she will like it

Items that I RECIEVED

1st pic: Ribbons from a friend that her BF brought for her at US, she ask me to take some, but I just cut some that I love only.
2nd pic: deco tape #2
I love the yellow bear ribbons from her.

Yummy! Kawaii Matchbox Swap
I think I got in love with Kawaii Food stuff. There are so cute. Especially the tofu matchbox that she did for me.

This coin purse have lovely prints on it.

Kwik and Kawaii Zippered Pouch Swap #2
Love the pinky rabbit or bear which I now use to put my cosmetics.

handmade gift for you
The worst swap I ever recieve. I don't like this at all. The so call "dotee doll" she made I do not like. And the felt coin purse doesn't look that good.

Such a long post for swaps, I guess I have made too much swap these month. One thing I learn from the swaps are do QUALITY swaps rather the QUANTITY swaps. Some swap are not recieving what you like. Some swaps are flakes. Like the I Want Coinpurse Swap, I have 2 flake among 3 swaps. Flakes out there, you will receive bad karma on cheating like this.

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