Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sakae Sushi

Sakea Sushi is on of our favorite sushi shop when we go The Curve. Because the price is kinda cheap compare to other sushi shops. The salmon is only RM1.90 per plate and salmon are my favourite. I always ask TS, lets go to the green frog shop to eat sushi.

Well the shop is quite high tech, we can order food online thru a computer. All foods are at there. Just click and add to food cart and within minutes, the waiters will serve you your food. Simple and easy. Green Tea we need to pour hot water ourself and every table have its own hot water supply.

I was not eating that day, because I just recover from my rashes. I just try to keep away from seafood. So I was busying taking photos on what TS is eating. I personally love the salmon sushi, unagi sushi, soft shell crab roll, itako ebiko the most. Well TS just love itako the most. He can have alots of plate during those japanese buffet.

Its a good shop to try, you can eat very full, at the same price at other sushi shop, we can only eat half full only.

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