Thursday, January 17, 2008

Red spot

This is bad. Yesterday I woke up and this red dots appear on my whole body and today it appear more in my hand and legs. my whole body is full of red rashes and my face have this too. Looks dam ugly. What happen to me??

I have this before when I was at college and higschool, but why it come out now?

Its a bit itchy, but mybody is better now comparing to my hand. It seems to move away from my body to my legs and hand.

Sigh~~ when can I recover soon? I'm been at home 2 days and I cannot go out anywhere.

I have been drinking alot of water and suppliments.
Muticarotene 8 daily
Vit C and E 12 each daily

Hope to recover asap as CNY is coming soon.


wcheryl said...

hv u seen doctor!?

Ciyou said...

yup, recovering soon, all the spots are gone :)


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