Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CNY 1st day wear Green

Yesterday TS call and ask me to buy green shirt for him. He say the fung shui master ask him to buy. I though was the Kluang Fung Shui master but it was an article from online Newspaper -

For guys, I just saw PDI selling green polo T-shirt, 1 for RM39, 2 for RM59.





Brief Translation
1st day of Chinese New Year, rat, rabbit, horse and roster zordic not suitable to wear red color dress, instate green color will be more prosperity.

Specific green color will have best effect - such as dark green, apple green and color of green beans

Other zordic can wear red or orange color because this represent gold color, and it will increase wealth

I was thinking, how true is this article. Why must I follow wearing green? So I look up on the article again I found both the master name "You Long Zi and Shen Zi Long" (游龙子和金子龙) that say so I googled them. Eh~~ suprisingly they have some articles online and there are master of the temple in Singapore. I even saw a website about the FORTUNE PROCESS OF 12 SYMBOLIC ANIMALS IN THE YEARS OF 2008 (MOUSE) and I have check my animal - Roster.

So I guess I need to wear GREEN for the 1st day of CNY. If you don't really like green, you can wear a green underwear or accesories. As long as you wear green color on your body on the 1st day of chinese new year will help.

Have a look, maybe it will change your whole year luck.


Seok Liew said...

I received the same email from pei chin regarding this message too. But I din buy any green new clothes yet :p

kaiwah said...

Happy CNY! Gong Hei Gong Hei! This year must Fatt Tai Choy! Have a nice celebration!

wcheryl said...

Haha, my cousins, mom, bro, bf all oso wore something green on first day of CNY.. haha!

Ciyou said...

me n my sister also wear green on the 1st day. Hehe~~


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