Friday, May 09, 2008

Ice-cream with cream

Finaly manage to do something to sell at TS sister shop.

I was doing the small small parts, such as strawberry, chocolate heart shape chips... Mixing the color itself already taken such a long time.

A little bit thing that I done yesterday, not the end product yet. Just waiting for it to dry off. Different flavour of ice-cream - chocolate madness, corn, orange,mint, strawberry... Tasty right? Some have whip cream on top and which dark chocolate chip.

These are handphone accesories.
First of all, this is called mint with whip cream and cookies. The dark brown is chocolate cookie and there is whipped cream in the middle between the cookie and the ice-cream. Mint ice-cream is my favourite. I have added some shinning beads on top of the ice-cream so it won't look that dull. Hand sew green ribbon on top of the ice-cream.

2nd will be the strawberry cookie with whipped cream. The ribbon is to make it not that plain look.

More to be assemble today and hopefull can finish by tonight


Sing Yee said...

Waseh.... Look so yummy! :D Are these made from those air-drying clay that you bought? :)

Caffeaulait or Caffelatte said...

Hi! Ciyou

That looks pretty delicious. How much is it?

Ciyou said...

sing yee: thanks. The ice-cream is made from light weigthed clay and the rest is made from resin clay. All of them are air drying clay.

Caffeaulatte: Thank you. I am selling that for $6.90 each.


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