Saturday, May 10, 2008

Coconut buttons

Coconut is something comman in Malaysia. From our studies in school last time, we know that there is multiple usage on the coconut, from the fruit to the leafs...

Last weekend I was at Penang, saw this cute coconut buttons from Queensbay mall. It was a small art and craft fair. There are several stores there, eg: clay crafts, patching crafts, felt, tradisional crafts, miniture ... I just manage to buy the Garden Buttons and the Flower Buttons that I love so much.

There is also I stall selling patch bags. And I chat with the lady, and guess what, it was the lady that meiwei mention that she is going to open a craft material - mainly imported fabric from Japan and USA at Queensbay Mall, Penang. But the price of the cloth are abit pricely, starting from RM40-RM80. It is so costly to craft.

1 comment:

meiweihuang said...

i have the coconut button too! ^^
it's cute & not really expensive , i like the natural style of the button.

ya , the price are quite expensive T_____T, but it's really import from japen, & the quality is really really good .after u been use this kind of cloth, u wont use others normal one.


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