Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The 1st Day @ New Home

After almost 3 weeks of packing all my stuff in to boxes sponsor by Joan, we finally move out from Wangsa Maju at 30th October 2010 officially to our new house at Kota Kemuning.

I hired a 5 tan lorry- Mr Tan 019-2778829 from Wangsa Maju (Condo) to Kota Kemuning (Landed) cost us RM400 with 3 workers. They are movers workers, which provide service for house moving or office moving. (Not those temporary lorry and workers that work partime). I am quite satisfy with their service. Quite impressive the speed they move our things which is very fast. I add extra RM30 for the wrapping of my mattress. They also provide service such as un-install and install your furniture. And of cost they will charge extra too. Cons are they didn't fill the lorry fully which makes me need to travel another time back to Wangsa Maju to collect some remaining stuff. My fridge and washing machine was working fine as usual after the move, but my LCD Monitor got a bit of problem after the move to my new house.

Alternative you can select and call any number at the tiang that I snap a picture down near my previous condo. Price around RM350 for 3 tan lorry with 3 workers.
Here we reach our new house. The wiring is still pending for TS brother to come and fix it, so wires wondering around the electrical box until today.My Guan Yin Goddess looking great ~~ The most perfect part on my entire house. The rest of the house was a total mess now.

TS brother couldn't finish installing all the lights on his last visit, so some areas of the house are with lights, no fan(craft room and 2 bedroom upstair); some areas with fan no lights (master room); some areas totally no light (kitchen, car park). But we manage to have a temporary workaround where we use stand lights and table lights for almost 1 month. We didn't want to spend extra money for lights installation. It is better to let the person who did the wiring (which is TS brother) to install the lights as he will know which wire connect to which wire.
Here is the living area, he manage to install 4 down lights with fan for us.
Here is the living area/ dinning area. Notice there is a small mattress beside the photo, we have a small rest and lying around that small mattress while waiting for the furniture to arrive.

The first furniture that arrive on the day was the dinning table. I like wooden dinning table, but for the sake of cleaning and long term use, we go for temper glass dinning table. I initially wanted a full white color temper glass dinning table. But after a few walks into the furniture shop, we order this temper glass dinning table with black borders. Why not the one we ordered? This is because the one I wanted at least cost us RM2000 and above.
The shop have communicate with us as the previous model was out of stock and advise us to have this. I gladly said YES ~ of course. The dinning table cost us RM1300 including 6 chairs. The dinning table are made from solid wood and they are extremely heavy.

The room down stairs are now in a mess of all the boxes that contains things which belongs at the ground floor.

Here is my dry kitchen. The contractor manage to install the sliding door before the day I move in. Looks great hor~~? But it cost us RM1500.

Next: Curtains, more lights, sofa...


兔斯基粉丝 said...

I love Kota Kemuning so much actually, but too bad the Shah Alam area is not in our consideration.. it's quite far for us to go to work :(

Ciyou said...

It is not too far actually, as it is very near to Submit and subang jaya

* Lazy Bump * said...

Hey, congratulations to both of u ;) and your new house look great too! How much does it cost?

兔斯基粉丝 said...

But hubby & I are working at Cyberjaya & Semenyih, hence it's still consider very far for us, infact we already bought new house at Serdang Lama, hehe :P


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