Monday, July 26, 2010

11.6 Bye bye Taiwan and things that I brought

Day 17, the last day at Taiwan.
We didn't visit anywhere else, sleep until time and pack and went to the Airport.
Actually I was too exhausted on the long trip.

Here are some goodies that I got from Taiwan. Buy until I pok gai

1. Postcard and wood postcard
I love these wooden postcard and I have brought some from places that I visit, such as Eluanbi Park at Kenting, Cape No 7 at Kenting, Alishan...
Planning to hang the wooden postcard on my new house.

2. Souvenir
I didn't expect I brought that much of souvenir.Can't stop buying them...
3D postcard that can be assemble which I brought at Jiufen.

Lucky lamp work beads brought at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

Wooden Slippers as gift for friends and family members brought at JiuFen

"Jadeite Cabbage" and Chinese vase souvenir from the National Palace Museum.

Wooden toy from Checheng

3. Cute Souvenir
Love this so much ~ the windmill and the light house from Kenting

7-11 is one of my favorite shopping area at Taiwan. Almost every tourist area will have at least 1 shop of 7-11. I was lucky enough to collect the stickers and exchange a cute bear.

土地公 from Jiufen

Cute magnet from Yehliu

Hand phone accessories from Alishan

Small train pencil from Jiji

4. Clothes
The clothes that I brought are more toward Japanese style in pastel color with lace. Love them alot. I brought these clothes at Shi Lin Night Market and Wufenpu

5. Snacks
Milk Nougat from Kenting (Left) and Hualian(Right). I love the milk nougat from Ruishui farm at Hualian the most.

Yummy seafood snacks from Kenting. Regret not buying more as they taste very nice.


uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow! So much things you bought ya :) Nice one~

Coscoxo said...

Hi! I write you from Spain. I have a lot of wooden postcards! I make it with my own photographs taken around the world. I invite you to visit my webpage, if you want. (in English too)

Have a nice day!


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